About Us

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Who are we?

ATLAS is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Testing Laboratory duly certified by International Council for Machinery Lubrication – ICML Certified Level II Machinery Lubricant Analyst MLA II 002616. We are a state-of-the-art laboratory carrying out various tests for Lubricating Oils and Petroleum products. Over the years ATLAS Labs has provided a reliable platform in the field of testing and today is in the position to provide its analysis services to large national and international clients on a global scale.

In today’s global business environment, national and international traders, manufacturers, consumers, producers, government organisations demand reliable and factual monitoring of their consignments and here our skill can be relied on for fast, accurate, independent, sampling, analysis and the issuance of Test Certificates and Analysis Reports.

ATLAS believes in the determination of Quality and hence has a very well equipped laboratory with qualified chemists undertaking all chemical and physical analysis as per ASTM, ISO, IP, Indian Standards, British Standards, European Standards, American Standards and/or the client's requirements/specifications.

At ATLAS we believe that Customer satisfaction is the first step towards a long lasting relationship.

lubricant testing lab vision

"We aspire to be the most effective, competitive, consistent, productive, vigilant, knowledgeable organisation to serve the needs of our customers."

lubricant testing lab mission

"To provide our clients quality services, quality assurance, commitment to perfection, provide technical expertise, confidentiality, integrity and reliability through excellent facilities and best facilities."

"Your satisfaction is our priority".